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Keen to craft your leadership A-game, turn your actions into impactful results, and find that sweet spot where well-being meets peak performance – we're here to help with our set of services.
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Hit 'Play' on growth. From visioning to accountability, level up your game with coaching that's as individual as your playlist. Or choose group coaching if that suits your needs better.
The choice is yours.
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Elevate organisational performance with our expertise in leadership, strategy, people engagement, and team dynamics. Our process-driven services, backed by a team of diverse consultants, ensure your success is as multi-faceted as we are.
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Searching outside the box? Explore our diverse offerings, from special events, on-going workshops, to books and coaching cards. Whether for continuous personal or professional growth, savour all the extras on our Growth Menu.
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Our one-day intensive workshop is distinct in its approach to enhance your executive presence and unify the group. A must-do if you're committed to maximising your team's potential.
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Director | Corporate Banking | UK
Being a part of StrengthWise's group coaching sessions is a true pleasure. Our community comprises strong-minded individuals who openly share insights, experiences, and feelings, creating a safe space filled with love and support.
Managing Director | France
The Authentic Leadership workshop is an extremely effective method for becoming fully aware of our impact on people we manage. Raphaelle's great talent and sensitivity allows the participants to work in confidence and in depth.
Financial Advisor | Speaker | Ukraine
Meeting Raphaelle was incredibly fortunate. With a myriad of questions and ideas in a state of confusion, her consistent and wise guidance clarified opportunities, issues, and solutions. It's a blend of wisdom, knowledge, strength, and valuable support that has profoundly impacted me.
CIO | ESG, AI, Smart Tech | UK
I use Raphaelle's services as a career & life coach. Raphaelle is an excellent coach! Talented, clever and very helpful. Our sessions are well-structured and productive. We’ve been connecting via Zoom for ease of convenience. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would fully recommend Raphaelle.

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