StrengthWise offers personalised coaching services to help professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs cultivate leadership excellence, achieve professional success, and lead fulfilling lives.
Leaders in the Making
Coaching is your collaborative path to personal and professional success, covering work, finances, health, relationships, education, and recreation. It's a powerful tool to overcome challenges and develop the skills and mindset needed for success.
Ready to turn ambitions into accomplishments? Coaching offers invaluable insights, accountability, and strategies. Whether steering your personal growth or elevating your team and business, our proven methodologies and personalised approach guarantee clarity, confidence, and the skills needed for a richer and more successful life.
Your Path, Your Way
Whether you choose one-on-one or group sessions, virtual or in-person coaching, we've got you covered. StrengthWise can be your travel companion on your way to success.
Follow the Process
A Strategic Journey
StrengthWise's coaching embraces a structured process, seamlessly integrating tangible life and business coaching tools, NLP modalities, and other effective methods into your transformative journey. Together, we meticulously define clear goals, continuously measuring progress. By identifying priorities, we navigate step by step, allowing clients to integrate each phase before advancing to the next. This approach maximises benefits over time, amalgamating small successes into a substantial, enduring outcome. With StrengthWise, every step is purposeful, ensuring your journey is not just a progression but a profound evolution.

Strategic Visioning
Embark on a transformative 1:1 online session tailored for ambitious professionals. Craft a vibrant life vision and a robust career plan in just 2.5 hours. This programme is ideal for individuals seeking holistic success without compromise. It's a strategic recalibration to align aspirations with current reality, turning dreams into actionable plans for intentional success.

Accountability & Mindset
Ready to turn aspirations into achievements? Our tailored packages include 1:1 coaching sessions, along with tailored resources like exercises, readings, or videos. Gain clear goal setting, actionable plans, accountability measures, work-life balance guidance, results celebration, empowering support, and continuous skill development.

Group Coaching
Join our online group for one-hour live group coaching  covering the essentials of Sustainable Performance. The objectives include providing participants with more tools to stay fully engaged and resourceful, customising action plans, and benefiting from the support of the group. It's a dynamic opportunity for collective growth and empowerment.
2-Hour Session For Holistic Success
3 Month To Jump Start Your Objectives
Ongoing Accountability and Coaching Programme
We created a very simple process for you so you can navigate our offering and find what product suits you best.
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Hear what our clients have to say about us
Teacher | Translater | UK
Working with Raphaelle over the past years has been a transformative journey both personally and professionally. Her guidance has helped me grow as a person but has also been instrumental in advancing my business. Raphaelle consistently offers new perspectives and challenges that inspire me to exceed my own expectations. I appreciate her ability to connect and engage on deep topics, using sometimes NLP tools to clear old patterns, making each session incredibly valuable and relatable.
Dirigeant | France
Moment intense de partage et de mise en jeu avec l'atelier Leadership Authentique. Écoute et bienveillance mutuelles conduisent au questionnement nécessaire et à des pistes d'ajustement utiles. Réassurance et cohérence sont le fruit de ce travail; à recommander !
Photo Artist | USA
Reflecting on my transformative journey with Raphaelle fills me with gratitude. With her guidance, I not only clarified my career goals but also developed effective communication skills for both professional and personal situations. This exciting phase in my career is a testament to the impact of our awesome sessions. I feel well-prepared for the next level I aspire to reach.
Professor of Economics | Germany
Raphaelle is impressive. She works as a coach leveraging from various methods including personality tests, which are consequently used to improve individual performance. What needs to be highlighted is that she has a strong corporate background with broad experience which is well-suited to support others. I found her to be a very trustable and authentic person.
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