6-Month Mentorship For Women In Leadership
Designed for female executives and non-executive leaders, Femme Forward is a powerful mentorship programme that empowers women to master their leadership journey. Under the guidance of Raphaelle, an experienced finance executive turned life and business coach, participants receive expert, experience-based support tailored to their unique challenges.
Who's It For:
Female executives and non-execs seeking to amplify their leadership journey.
What You'll Gain:

Qualified Support
Benefit from Raphaelle’s 20+ years of corporate leadership experience, with insights from her C-Suite and Board-Ready training with European Women On Boards (EWOB).

Empowerment Through Knowledge
Enhance your leadership skills with practical strategies and industry insights, cultivating a holistic development that aligns personal growth with professional objectives.

Soft Skills
Cultivate holistic development, addressing personal growth, values alignment, and overall well-being to emerge as a confident, resilient leader.

Partner in Growth
Build a long-term partnership with Raphaelle, founded on mutual respect and a shared commitment to your success, providing unwavering support and accountability.
What does it Include:

Monthly online sessions
Five scheduled sessions provide flexibility and convenience, with options to reschedule if necessary.

Comprehensive Curriculum
Covers crucial topics from immediate tactical strategies to long-term professional growth, with practical tools and resources provided for everyday challenges.

Tailored approach
Each session is personalised to focus on your specific needs, fostering confidence and decision-making prowess.

Broaden your horizon
Take a step back and a broader approach, focusing on your long-term professional growth beyond your current job function.
Why Female Mentoring on Leadership:
In today’s business landscape, where diversity and inclusion are key drivers of success, Femme Forward addresses the unique challenges faced by women in leadership roles. This mentorship not only boosts individual careers but also promotes a broader cultural shift towards more inclusive and dynamic business practices. By empowering female leaders, we unlock a reservoir of untapped potential that can lead to innovative solutions and sustainable growth.
Steps to Complete:
Register Your Interest
Begin by registering your interest through our application process. This includes a preliminary virtual meeting to ensure alignment and establish the foundation for a transformative journey.
Pre-Programme Preparation
No preparation is required but if you're excited to get started you can consider registering to our Strategic Business or Life Visioning Session.
During the Programme
Our programme is designed to be flexible, adapting to your personal and professional needs, offering you control over the agenda and an organic flow of knowledge and advice over time.
Post-Programme Follow-Up
You're not alone post-session. Feel the need to follow up after the programme? You'll discuss the right fit for you by the end of the programme.
Location: Online
Duration: 5 months, 90-min session each month
Number of participants: 1
Pricing: € 575 | £500 | $620
Languages: French, English
Public Relations | France
Femme Forward transformed my perspective on what's possible in my career. The skills and confidence I gained have opened new doors for me, and I've successfully transitioned to a leadership role within my organisation. The emphasis on empowerment and self-belief is something every woman in tech needs.
Tech Startup Founder | Germany
Joining Femme Forward was a great decision for my career. The programme helped me developed the soft skills I needed and also instilled a deep confidence to start my own company. The support truly empowered me to step forward in a male-dominated industry.
Advisory | UK
The Femme Forward programme was a career-defining experience. The mentoring sessions provided practical guidance plus a framework to navigate challenges in my industry. I feel more assertive and effective in my role.
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