54 Mighty Mind Coaching Cards for Professionals, Self-Discovery, Critical Thinking, & Business Excellence
Who's It For:
Whether you're a coach guiding clients toward breakthroughs, a team leader or HR professional fostering team dynamics, an individual committed to self-improvement, or a social enthusiast keen to break the ice in any group events, these coaching cards are your companion on the journey to excellence.
What You'll Get:

Coaching Awesomeness
Dive into mind-bending concepts blending NLP, coaching, and positive psychology. Our provocative cards are meant to make you think outside the box, developing creativity and problem solving skills.

Design Brainpower
Ever seen a square card that’s a work of art? Why settle for dull when you can unbox genius? Learning should be like a cool party – and our unique design brings the fun.

Wisdom Anywhere
The cards are your versatile sidekick. looking for self-discovery, business excellence, or just spicing up a meeting? Therapist, coach, leader, or just a curious mind – be sure the deck will bring you value.

Green Mindfulness
Join the green team with our FSC certified cards. Because being awesome should also mean being kind to our playground – Earth!
Why These Cards:
Coaching cards are usually a snooze. With ours, art meets insight, and symbols tap into the subconscious. We saw a gap, so we filled it – say hello to effortless reflection, sparking change in your world, one card at a time.
‍Steps to Purchase:
Purchase the cards on Amazon  across Europe with our link. If Amazon doesn't deliver to your country, reach out to us directly.
Amazon's Testimonials:
"I have several card decks but this one is a winner. Whether you wish to spark your entrepreneurial spirit or have some deep meaningful conversations over a cup of tea, these cards are fantastic. They are thought provoking, inviting reflective insights and fun. Each one is stylish and beautifully designed with unique art-work. I even use them with my 9 year old to engage and guide her through asking thoughtful questions and seeing how different mindsets shape up our visions. They are a great versatile tool and they are truly mighty!"
"Bought those as a Christmas gift for a friend who is a family therapist. The best gift I have ever bought. Uplifting, original, creative and so lovely."
"Great coaching cards with fun illustrations"
"These cards are so beautiful and are great to help you think outside the box. I’ve been looking at a card every week and gone through the three questions, really given them some thought. Also took them out on a girls night and everybody loved them!"
"Great product. You can use it in any way you like – go straight to phrases that attract you or pick cards at random and see what happens (sometimes the ones picked “at random” speak the loudest). You can pick a card in the morning and mull over the subject all day long. A lot of thought-provoking questions and actionable tasks to improve your life. AND they’re beautiful. I bought the cards to use for myself but they can be used in a group setting as well."
"Ideal for starting a conversation/debate among couples or friends. Placed on the table during an aperitif, it brightened up the evening!"
"These cards have obviously been thoughtfully crafted! Each exploration category, each question, makes you think and progress. Perfect for reflecting and taking a fresh look at one's career, desires, and relationships. The illustrations are original, and the product is very beautiful."
Location: Amazon
Delivery: Available for Amazon Prime delivery
Languages: English only at the moment
Based outside of Europe?
The Mighty Mind Cards are not available on Amazon at the moment but you can get your pack directly from us! Contact us to quote the shipment fees.
.. With these 54 Mighty Mind cards on personal and professional development! On the bedside table, the aperitif table, or the office desk ;)
"The Mighty Mind Cards are great for a daily dose of positive thoughts and for personal and professional development. Each card offers a unique and encouraging perspective, the questions and themes addressed are rich. A real treasure and a top gift to give."
"A gift given to a friend who is into personal development. She liked it a lot."
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