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Director | Corporate Banking | UK
Being a part of StrengthWise's group coaching sessions is a true pleasure. Our community comprises strong-minded individuals who openly share insights, experiences, and feelings, creating a safe space filled with love and support. Thanks to Raphaelle and the StrengthWise ethos, we continue to empower one another, fostering a space where judgment is absent, and encouragement thrives.
Managing Director | France
The Authentic Leadership Workshop is an extremely effective method to become aware in just one day of the impact of our behaviour on others whom we manage. I especially recommend it because Raphaelle knows how to skillfully and delicately lead participants to work in confidence and depth.
Financial Advisor | Speaker | Ukraine
Meeting Raphaelle was incredibly fortunate. With a myriad of questions and ideas in a state of confusion, her consistent and wise guidance clarified opportunities, issues, and solutions. Raphaelle's approach creates a safe space, offering direction and unwavering support, resulting in excellent outcomes. It's a blend of wisdom, knowledge, strength, and valuable support that has profoundly impacted me.
CIO | ESG, AI, Smart Tech | UK
I use Raphaelle's services as a career & life coach. Raphaelle is an excellent coach! Talented, clever and very helpful. Our sessions are well-structured and productive. We’ve been connecting via Zoom for ease of convenience. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would fully recommend Raphaelle and her sessions.
Sales Director | Brazil
Participating in the group coaching sessions with Raphaelle has been a delightful experience. The informal setting encourages the sharing of experiences and mutual learning. Raphaelle seamlessly connects theory, providing valuable insights that enhance our understanding of patterns from a different perspective. It's a unique and enriching learning journey.
I particularly appreciate the Positive Intelligence's model that brings a lot of structure to the coaching sessions and help navigate the patterns of limiting beliefs.
Managing Director | France
Thank you, Raphaelle, for the Authentic Leadership workshop during which I learned a great deal about myself, my stance, and my professional presence. The work environment you establish frees up speech and energies, allowing for better self-understanding and positioning. For me, authenticity and commitment are the keys to benevolent leadership. The format and work environment allow for addressing the topic of leadership in the dimension of the image we perceive/send about ourselves, which is rich in teaching, awareness, and room for progress. The time for speech and reflection given to each individual, in a climate of trust and freedom expertly orchestrated by Raphaelle, offers a tremendous perspective for work and progress, on both individual and collective levels.
Linguist | Translater | UK
Working with Raphaelle over the past years has been a transformative journey both personally and professionally. Her guidance has helped me grow as a person but has also been instrumental in advancing my business. Raphaelle consistently offers new perspectives and challenges that inspire me to exceed my own expectations. I appreciate her ability to connect and engage on deep topics, using sometimes NLP tools to clear old patterns, making each session incredibly valuable and relatable.
Supply Chain Expert | Netherlands
Meeting Raphaelle at my lowest, both physically and mentally, marked a turning point. Her impactful speech on the role of nutrition in her own health journey resonated deeply. Over the last year, my life has undergone a 360, and much credit goes to Raphaelle's coaching. Her unique blend of NLP skills and nutritional knowledge seamlessly complement each other. Raphaelle's gentle yet firm and positive approach provided the perfect guidance to get me back on track. I am immensely grateful for the transformative work she has done with me.
Expert Comptable | France
The Authentic Leadership workshop is a profoundly enriching and well-structured experience. Raphaelle's unique approach allows us to see ourselves and others from new perspectives. Raphaelle expertly guides participants through deep, trust-based explorations, making the workshop both intense and transformative on an individual and group level. The outcomes are reassuring and bring coherence to our roles as leaders.
Controller | France
The Authentic Leadership workshop, led by Raphaelle, provides a deeply enriching and well-structured experience. This workshop stands out due to Raphaelle's unique approach, which allows participants to view themselves and others from new perspectives. She expertly facilitates deep, trust-based explorations, ensuring that the workshop is both intense and transformative. The experience impacts participants on both an individual and group level, offering outcomes that not only reassure but also bring coherence to their roles as leaders.
Professor of Economics | Germany
Raphaelle is impressive. She works as a coach leveraging from various methods including personality tests, which are consequently used to improve individual performance. What needs to be highlighted is that she has a strong corporate background with broad experience which is well-suited to support others. I found her to be a very trustable and authentic person.
Homeopath | Lecturer | UK
Working with Raphaelle has been an inspiring journey. Her creativity shines through as she generously provides a wealth of information, tools, and resources. Raphaelle talks the talk and creates a safe space that encourages expression and transformation. In every session, I sense the potential for profound unfoldings. Allowing yourself to work with Raphaelle is an investment in learning how to own your greatness.
Photo Artist | USA
Reflecting on my transformative journey with Raphaelle fills me with gratitude. With her guidance, I not only clarified my career goals but also developed effective communication skills for both professional and personal situations. This exciting phase in my career is a testament to the impact of our awesome sessions. I feel well-prepared for the next level I aspire to reach.
Account Manager | UK
Raphaelle's remarkable listening skills set the foundation for a truly personalised coaching experience. Her ability to seamlessly blend great ideas and insightful perspectives makes each session not just productive but uniquely transformative.
Flower Artist | UK
This lady knows and loves what she does! If you want to find the reasons why you struggle and answers how to get out of that situation, you definitely should contact Raphaelle and make your dreams come true. Highly recommend!!!
Board Director | HR Consulting | Finland
Raphaelle has extensive experience and professionalism. She has been of tremendous support to regain my positive intelligence when shaken by life's challenges.
Storyteller | Writer | Ireland
Raphaelle understands what it takes to sustain high-level peak performance. Her warm, passionate approach means she can help clients dismantle what blocks their progress.
Entrepreneur | France
The Authentic Leadership workshop offers an intense moment of sharing and engagement. The mutual listening and kindness fostered during the workshop lead to essential questioning and provide useful pathways for adjustments. The outcomes of reassurance and coherence are the fruits of this collaborative effort, making it highly recommendable for those looking to enhance their leadership qualities and effectiveness.
Life Coach | UK
Raph's coaching is nothing short of transformative. Her intuition and support helped me break free from a long-held limiting belief—an astonishing feat accomplished in just 15 minutes! As a fellow coach, I sincerely appreciate her skillfulness, thoroughness, and the warmth she brings to every session.
Katie | Partner | ESG | UK
Embarking on a transformative journey with Raphaelle has been incredibly rewarding. She not only encouraged me to appreciate good habits supporting my well-being but also played a pivotal role in shaping a strategic vision for my business and navigating its challenges. Raphaelle's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering support were constructively persuasive throughout the process.
Tech Startup | UK
The Strategic Life Visioning Session was a breakthrough for me! Raphaelle helped me craft a clear path for my personal and professional life in just 2.5 hours. Her approach to balancing ambition with personal well-being is exactly what I needed to push my startup to the next level without burning out. A real game-changer for any entrepreneur!
Marketing Director | Spain
I can't recommend Raphaelle's Strategic Life Visioning Session enough! It helped me define a holistic career plan and gave me the tools to implement it effectively. Her tailored advice has made a significant impact on how I manage both my team and my personal aspirations. Every driven professional should have this experience.
Financial Analyst | UK
Raphaelle's session transformed how I view work-life harmony. The Strategic Vision Blueprint not only clarified my career goals but also aligned them with my personal values. Now, I feel more equipped to achieve my professional objectives while ensuring my well-being. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck or in need of strategic guidance.
Entrepreneur | UK
The Strategic Business Visioning session was transformative for my startup. Within hours, I clarified my strategy choices and made my business objectives tangible. Raphaelle’s guidance was crucial in identifying the strategic options and build a focused roadmap. Every entrepreneur should have this session on their yearly calendar!
IT Consultant | France
I’ve participated in many strategic sessions, but none as effective as this. The one-page strategic plan I developed with Raphaelle has become the cornerstone of my consulting practice. The tools provided have enabled me to implement real changes that have propelled my business forward. Highly recommend this session to any business professional!
Marketing Analyst | Spain
Raphaelle’s Strategic Business Visioning was exactly what our team needed. It helped us realign our goals and gave us a practical roadmap for the year ahead. The session’s focus on actionable steps was invaluable, and we’re already seeing improvements in our operations and strategy execution.
Software Development Manager | France
The focused coaching sessions with the PQ program were exactly what I needed to align my professional ambitions with my personal well-being. I've learned mental fitness and that have drastically improved my communication and leadership. Highly recommend for any professional ready to take their career and life to the next level!
Realtor | UK
Taking the programme was an excellent choice. The personalised coaching provided clear guidance and practical steps to steer the business strategy. The consistent meetings helped me stay focused. I have experienced significant improvements in both my personal and professional life.
Project Leader | UK
Attending the Authentic Leadership workshop has completely changes the way I lead my team. Understanding my natural leadership archetype—the Builder—helped me to understand my innate strengths and areas for growth. I feel I improved my emotional intelligence and ability to connect with my team on a deeper level. Every leader looking to authentically influence their team should experience this!
Senior Executive | France
This workshop was a profound journey into self-awareness. Playing around the different leadership archetypes, has opened up new ways for me to guide my department. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in team dynamics and decision-making processes since. Highly recommended for those ready to challenge and change their conventional leadership approach.
Social Media Expert | France
The 'Prise de DĂ©cision au FĂ©minin' masterclass was really insightful. Understanding how my brain reacts to decision-making scenarios has significantly improved my confidence. The practical tools are super helpful.
HR | France
This masterclass is excellent to identify & manage your biases and fears. The part on understanding your modus operandi was really interesting. Highly recommend to any woman looking for a confidence boost in making decisions!
Entrepreneur | France
The insights into emotional and cognitive biases have allowed me to approach decisions with a new perspective, and I've noticed a change in how I handle pressure situations at work.
Agency Manager | France
Well detailed. Masterclass a bit short. Very comprehensive but makes you want to delve deeper.
Product Manager | France
Sharing knowledge and skills. On the practical side, the masterclass helps to more easily take on certain tasks with a Wonder Woman attitude. What I really liked was discovering the different biases, and the tips and tricks.
Entrepreneur | France
Constructive, interesting, and practical. The strengths of the masterclass are the interaction at every step - presentation of concrete examples - some exercises to practice. The applications: practicing the exercises and trying to approach my decision-making differently. Thank you very much for these very useful insights.
Public Relations | France
Femme Forward changed how I see my career options. The skills and confidence I got have led me to a leadership position at work. Empowerment and self-belief are key for women in tech.
Tech Startup Founder | Germany
Joining Femme Forward was a fantastic move for my career. The program really helped me work on my people skills and gave me the confidence to kickstart my own business. The support I received was super empowering and allowed me to make my mark in a field dominated by men.
Advisory | UK
The Femme Forward programme was a career-defining experience. The mentoring sessions provided practical guidance plus a framework to navigate challenges in my industry. I feel more assertive and effective in my role.

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