Motivate Your Teams Without Spending a Penny
A live masterclass on the secrets of motivation and engagement: proven strategies that require no cost.
Looking to energise teams that lack motivation? Get the Masterclass "Motivate Your Teams Without Spending a Penny" for expert guidance.
Who Is It For:
  • Are your teams feeling demotivated?
  • Are you seeing results falling short of expectations?
  • Is there a lack of initiative among them?
If you answered "yes" to those three questions, then this pack is ideal for you. And if you're still uncertain, you can also assess your team's pulse with our Team Beat quiz.
What's Included:
  • Increase engagement by stimulating the reward system
  • 5 cost-free methods to boost motivation
  • Practical advice for instant implementation
What It Will Bring You:
You will learn how to:

Build trust

Recognise talents

Empower your team

Efficiently delegate responsibilities

Manage conflicts

Give powerful feedback

Set impactful individual goals
Why This Program:
According to Gallup's "State of the Global Workplace" study, just 10% of employees genuinely feel engaged at work.
Would you like to be one of the few who everyone looks forward to working with?
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Location: Online Event
Duration: 1 hour
Number of Participants: Multiple
Price: €- | £- | $- Free
Languages: English
Manager | France
All the keys to motivation are there, it's time for more managers to put them into practice, and especially to be supported by their own management. It's hard to change a team's culture alone without changing the company's culture.
Director | Suisse
Newly promoted as team leader, I was looking for tools to create more engagement. This masterclass is very helpful because it explains well why money is not a sustainable motivation factor and what really works. A lot of common sense, but it's always very useful to see the process clarified.
Entrepreneur | France
The information about emotional and cognitive biases has allowed me to approach decisions with a new perspective, and I have noticed a change in how I handle pressure situations at work.
Branch Manager | France
Well detailed. Masterclass a bit short. Very comprehensive but it makes you want to delve deeper.
Steps to Place an Order:
The "Sign me up" button will take you to the Eventbrite page to register your attendance. Then, you'll receive an invitation in your calendar as well as a Zoom link to connect!
No preparation is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to learn.
During the Masterclass
We share both theory and practice. You will benefit from the expertise and know-how of 2 certified coaches, Raphaelle Hernu and Melinda Limoges, who lead this masterclass. Just follow their guidance 😊.
Post-Masterclass Follow-up
If you want to learn more about motivation and engagement in the workplace, we will discuss two options available for you: the Pack with ready-to-use tools to inspire your teams, or the Strategy session to create a personalised action plan for yourself and your team.
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