Ongoing Accountability and Coaching Programme
Who's It For:
Professionals seeking career advancement without compromising relationships or health. Ideal after the 3-Month Goal Launch.
Transform aspirations into achievements with our Accountability and Coaching Programme. Reach your goals step by step. Start now and join us bi-weekly for support.
What's Included:

1:1 Coaching
On-going regular bi-weekly sessions for personal, professional, or business growth. Featuring life coaching, NLP, and health insights.

Tailored Resources
Exercises, readings, or videos aligned with your goals.
What You'll Gain:

Clear Goal Setting
Articulate personalised goals.

Actionable Plans
Customised steps for goal achievement

Accountability Measures
Regular check-ins for commitment

Work-Life Balance
Guidance for a healthy life-professional equilibrium.

Results Celebration
Tangible outcomes celebrated at milestones.

Empowering Support
Encouragement to make informed choices.

Skill Development
Cultivate skills for continuous improvement.

Why This Programme:
In a constantly evolving professional world, facing multiple and complex challenges, this long-term coaching programme is designed to meet your various needs and help you navigate through these sometimes turbulent waters instantly. Regular small recalibrations often prevent getting stuck in dead ends.
  • Communication and relationships: Enhance your interactions and turn relational challenges into opportunities.
  • Adapting to change: Learn to navigate uncertainty and embrace new technologies.
  • Stress management: Discover techniques to listen to your body and effectively manage stress.
  • Handling tough times: Find support in difficult moments and learn to forgive yourself.
  • Assertion and public speaking: Gain confidence to express your opinions without fear.
  • Self-esteem: Overcome feelings of inadequacy, even imposter syndrome.
  • Work-life balance: Learn to balance your professional ambitions and personal needs.
  • Organizational changes: Prepare to manage changes within your organization.
  • Career development: Plan your professional advancement and enhance your skills.
  • Remote management: Optimize managing a remote team and their well-being.
  • Human-centered approach: Align your professional activities with your values for a more authentic work experience.
By collaborating with a life and business coach in the long term, you overcome these obstacles for a more fulfilling and successful personal and professional life.
Ready to take the plunge?
You can cancel your subscription at any time before the next monthly charge. You are free to pause your program during vacations and resume whenever you wish.
Location: Online
Duration: On Going, 45-min bi-weekly sessions
Number of participants: 1
Pricing: €140 | £130 | $160 per month
Languages: French, English
Account Manager | UK
Raphaelle's remarkable listening skills set the foundation for a truly personalised coaching experience. Her ability to seamlessly blend great ideas and insightful perspectives makes each session not just productive but uniquely transformative.
Linguist | Translater | UK
Working with Raphaelle over the past years has been a transformative journey both personally and professionally. Her guidance has helped me grow as a person but has also been instrumental in advancing my business. Raphaelle consistently offers new perspectives and challenges that inspire me to exceed my own expectations. I appreciate her ability to connect and engage on deep topics, using sometimes NLP tools to clear old patterns, making each session incredibly valuable and relatable.
CIO | ESG, AI, Smart Tech | UK
I use Raphaelle's services as a career & life coach. Raphaelle is an excellent coach! Talented, clever and very helpful. Our sessions are well-structured and productive. We’ve been connecting via Zoom for ease of convenience. If anyone is looking for a coach, I would fully recommend Raphaelle and her sessions.
Board Director | HR Consulting | Finland
Raphaelle has extensive experience and professionalism. She has been of tremendous support to regain my positive intelligence when shaken by life's challenges.
Homeopath | Lecturer | UK
Working with Raphaelle has been an inspiring journey. Her creativity shines through as she generously provides a wealth of information, tools, and resources. Raphaelle talks the talk and creates a safe space that encourages expression and transformation. In every session, I sense the potential for profound unfoldings. Allowing yourself to work with Raphaelle is an investment in learning how to own your greatness.
Katie | Partner | ESG | UK
Embarking on a transformative journey with Raphaelle has been incredibly rewarding. She not only encouraged me to appreciate good habits supporting my well-being but also played a pivotal role in shaping a strategic vision for my business and navigating its challenges. Raphaelle's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering support were constructively persuasive throughout the process.
Steps to Complete:
Book the Programme
The "Buy" button leads to the payment page. From there, you'll be directed to the calendar to schedule your first session of the programme. We encourage maintaining a regular time slot for future sessions to construct the habit.
When booking, you'll be asked to provide your details and to acknowledge our coaching agreement, privacy policy, and code of ethics. Paperwork stops there. Should you need to reschedule, we're happy to accommodate with at least 24 hours' notice.
The Sessions
Sessions are customised to align with your personal, professional, or business goals. While we offer guidance, your priorities shape the agenda.
You can cancel your subscription anytime before next monthly payment is charged.
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