2.5-Hour Session For Holistic Success
Enhance your journey with our 1:1 session, created for ambitious professionals. In only 2.5 hours, you can develop a vivid life vision and a strong career plan. This session is customised for individuals aiming to progress in their careers while upholding a harmonious work-life balance.
Who's It For:
Ideal for driven individuals seeking holistic success without compromise.
What You'll Gain:

Strategic Vision Blueprint
Develop a detailed life vision, gaining clarity on your future across all aspects of life.

Holistic Life Visioning
Envision success in personal and professional realms.

Roadmap to Reality
Craft a strategic roadmap, defining key milestones towards your goals.

Work-Life Harmony
Achieve a vision propelling your career while nurturing personal well-being.

Powerful Tools
Acquire tailored tools designed for your unique journey.

Why This Session:
A strategic recalibration to ensure your aspirations align with your current reality. Transform dreams into actionable plans. Book the 2.5-hour Strategic Life Visioning Session now and embark on a purposeful journey towards intentional success.‍
Steps to Complete:
Book the Session
The "Buy" button leads to the payment page. From there, you can use the calendar to schedule a convenient time slot online.
Pre-Session Preparation
Prepare for a transformation! We will send you a reflective questionnaire to help guide our session.
Life Visioning Session
Let's explore and celebrate your individuality. Together, we'll co-create a vivid life vision - clarifying personal objectives, actions, and timelines. Your real-time input becomes the guiding force shaping this uniquely vibrant vision.
Post-Session Follow-Up
You're not alone post-session. Expect a follow-up in writing for accountability and strategy fine-tuning one month and three months down the transformative road. Your success is our journey.
Location: Online or On-Site
Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of participants: 1
Pricing: €247 | £217 | $267
Languages: French, English
Katie | Partner | ESG | UK
Embarking on a transformative journey with Raphaelle has been incredibly rewarding. She not only encouraged me to appreciate good habits supporting my well-being but also played a pivotal role in shaping a strategic vision for my business and navigating its challenges. Raphaelle's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering support were constructively persuasive throughout the process.
Tech Startup | UK
The Strategic Life Visioning Session was a breakthrough for me! Raphaelle helped me craft a clear path for my personal and professional life in just 2.5 hours. Her approach to balancing ambition with personal well-being is exactly what I needed to push my startup to the next level without burning out. A real game-changer for any entrepreneur!
Marketing Director | Spain
I can't recommend Raphaelle's Strategic Life Visioning Session enough! It helped me define a holistic career plan and gave me the tools to implement it effectively. Her tailored advice has made a significant impact on how I manage both my team and my personal aspirations. Every driven professional should have this experience.
Financial Analyst | UK
Raphaelle's session transformed how I view work-life harmony. The Strategic Vision Blueprint not only clarified my career goals but also aligned them with my personal values. Now, I feel more equipped to achieve my professional objectives while ensuring my well-being. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck or in need of strategic guidance.
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