Team Engagement Strategy Consultation
Craft a bespoke strategy to energise your team in just 2 hours
Give your team's motivation a jolly good boost with our concise and effective strategic session.
Ready to inject some new pep into your team's engagement and motivation? This 2-hour session is tailor-made for leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to liven up the atmosphere and boost productivity in their team. Together, we'll devise a customised strategic plan to create a positive dynamic in your team and fully unleash its potential.
Who's It For:
This session is ideal for you if you're looking to:
Revitalise Engagement
By setting a clear and exciting direction for the whole team.
Improve Internal Communication
To strengthen team cohesion and synergy.
Innovate Management Practices
To boost overall effectiveness.
Clarify Objectives
To ensure consistent and long-term performance.
We know how crucial it is to keep a motivated team in a dynamic and demanding professional environment.
What You'll Get:

One-Page Strategic Plan
Develop a customised, clear and structured operational plan that perfectly fits the specifics and needs of your team.

Turning the Corner
Establish a clear roadmap to evolve from the current situation to an improved and more dynamic reality.

Concrete Tools
Grab hold of practical techniques and strategies to cultivate lasting motivation at the heart of your team.

Why This Session:
According to the Gallup "State of the Global Workplace" study, carried out in over 100 countries, only 10% of employees feel truly engaged at work.
Disengagement at work has a substantial financial impact, estimated at around 18% of their annual salary on average. For example, an unengaged employee earning £30,000 per year would cost the company an additional £5,400 due to their disengagement. That's not all. Employee disengagement is a complex issue that seeps into various aspects of a business, affecting everything from productivity to mental health and organisational stability: productivity, creativity, work quality, turnover, recruitment, training, mental health, burnout, customer service, etc. It's a phenomenon that needs to be taken seriously, requiring a strategic response to maintain a dynamic and engaged work environment.
This session aims to counter this trend by creating a customised strategy that revitalises engagement and motivation, addressing the specific needs of each team to transform the work atmosphere and boost productivity.
Location: Online
Duration: 2 hours
Number of participants: 1 or 2 business partners
Pricing: €350 | £300 | $375
Languages: French, English
Entrepreneur | UK
The Strategic Business Visioning session was transformative for my startup. Within hours, I clarified my strategy choices and made my business objectives tangible. Raphaelle's guidance was crucial in identifying the strategic options and build a focused roadmap. Every entrepreneur should have this session on their yearly calendar!
IT Consultant | France
I've participated in many strategic sessions, but none as effective as this. The one-page strategic plan I developed with Raphaelle has become the cornerstone of my consulting practice. The tools provided have enabled me to implement real changes that have propelled my business forward. Highly recommend this session to any business professional!
Marketing Analyst | Spain
Raphaelle's Strategic Business Visioning was exactly what our team needed. It helped us realign our goals and gave us a practical roadmap for the year ahead. The session's focus on actionable steps was invaluable, and we're already seeing improvements in our operations and strategy execution.
Financial Analyst | UK
Raphaelle's session transformed how I view work-life harmony. The Strategic Vision Blueprint not only clarified my career goals but also aligned them with my personal values. Now, I feel more equipped to achieve my professional objectives while ensuring my well-being. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck or in need of strategic guidance.
Steps to Complete:
Book the Session
The "Buy" button leads to the payment page. From there, you can use the calendar to schedule a convenient time slot online.
Pre-Session Preparation
Prepare for a transformation! We'll send you a reflective questionnaire to help guide our session.
Strategic Session
Together, we'll craft a one-page strategic plan—defining objectives, actions, and timelines. Your real-time input shapes the vision.
Post-Session Follow-Up
You're not alone post-session. Expect a follow-up in writing for accountability and strategy fine-tuning one month and three months down the transformative road. Your success is our journey.
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