Engagement Pack
Fed up with having teams that just aren't motivated? If so, the Engagement Pack is THE solution for you.
To recap, this pack is a treasure trove of practical tools to apply in order to have your teams more motivated than ever.
Who's It For:
To know if you need the pack, answer these three questions with a yes or no.
  • Are your teams feeling utterly down in the dumps?
  • Do you notice that the results just aren't there?
  • Are they a bit lacking in new ideas and suggestions?
If you answered "yes" to these three questions, then this pack is made for you. And if you're still unsure, you can also take the pulse of your team with our Team Beat quiz.
What's Included:
The pack includes 20 immediately applicable tools and 5 turnkey workshops, whether you're a junior or seasoned manager.

  • The principles of positive communication applied to the workplace
  • The keys to properly conducting 1-on-1 meetings
  • A tool to measure destabilising factors

  • 10 key questions to help an employee progress in their thinking
  • Effectively delegate, the levels of empowerment

Express Oneself
  • The user manual for the workplace
  • Deliver impactful feedback 2.0
  • The 5 languages of recognition at work
  • Turnkey workshop to free up speech

Manage Conflicts
  • Positively reframe
  • The keys to non-violent communication
  • A method to approach difficult discussions

Create a Vision
  • Create a career plan that motivates your employee
  • Together, define the company culture
  • Turnkey workshop: the team charter, build the team charter together
  • Turnkey workshop: "Davis Cup" case study to build team spirit

Promote Engagement
  • The Google method: Run vs build
  • The 3 positive tools (ad vitam + positive weekly report + operating review)
  • The secret feedback ritual
  • The daily kickoff briefing, a plan that works

  • Discover your constraining messages
  • List of 10 online tests and quizzes to do solo or as a team
  • The 3 important questions to get to know yourself better
  • Turnkey workshop: define the DISC profile of your team members
  • Turnkey workshop: together, create the life of your dreams
Localisation: Downloadable Pack
Duration: Download available after payment
Pricing: €39 | £33 | $42
Langues: English, French
What You'll Gain:
You'll get the keys to:

Build Trust

Highlight Talents

Breathe New Life into Your Team

Effectively Empower

Implement Impactful 1-on-1s

Manage Conflicts

Deliver Powerful Feedback

Why This Pack:
According to the Gallup "State of the Global Workplace" study, carried out in over 100 countries, only 10% of employees feel truly engaged at work.
Disengagement at work has a substantial financial impact, estimated at around 18% of their annual salary on average. For example, an unengaged employee earning £30,000 per year would cost the company an additional £5,400 due to their disengagement. That's not all. Employee disengagement is a complex issue that seeps into various aspects of a business, affecting everything from productivity to mental health and organisational stability: productivity, creativity, work quality, turnover, recruitment, training, mental health, burnout, customer service, etc. It's a phenomenon that needs to be taken seriously, requiring a strategic response to maintain a dynamic and engaged work environment.
This pack is your Swiss Army knife to counter this trend by using simple and effective tools to revitalise engagement and motivation, which you can choose and adapt to the specific needs of your team to transform the work atmosphere and boost productivity.
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