Bringing Out The Individual, Building Up The Team
Are you struggling to balance your professional objectives and personal commitments? Mental resilience may help you enhance your well-being.
Life's challenges may be constant, but your response doesn't have to be. Welcome to a workshop that helps you better navigate work and personal life demands. Discover and develop emotional intelligence for increased performance and well-being.
Photo Suggestion: A serene individual juggling work and personal life, with a confident smile and a relaxed demeanour, representing the workshop's goal of balance and well-being.
Feeling unheard or undervalued in your diverse (or not so much) team? Understanding and empowering each team member's strengths is essential for your team's unique potential to shine. Through dynamic discussions and games, the workshop helps you build trust, cohesion, and a culture of equity and inclusion within the group to uncover the hidden potential within your team.
Photo Suggestion: A diverse group of team members from different backgrounds, standing together with pride, symbolising the power of inclusivity and diversity in action.
Struggling with motivation and engagement at work? You’re not alone. Gallup’s survey highlighted that 87% of employees report low engagement, well-being, and performance levels. It also gives some cues on how you can reverse this vicious circle into a positive one. 
This workshop is for you if you want to supercharge your team's motivation, elevate the workplace culture, and drive transformation through alignment with your company's culture and values.
Photo Suggestion: A group of motivated, engaged employees collaborating with enthusiasm, symbolising the vibrant and productive culture the workshop aims to create.
Have you been looking for your leadership style and building more confidence in the role?
Female leaders face unique challenges, from gender prejudice, pay inequality or work-life balance issues to more subtle ones. This workshop supports female leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to overcome biases, explore their authentic leadership style and learn to lead with confidence, all while fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.
Photo Suggestion: A powerful image of a confident, diverse group of female leaders standing together with purpose and determination, illustrating the strength and unity the workshop promotes.
Location: Online or On-Site
Duration: 3-Hour
Number of participants: 5-20 Participants
Pricing: €600 | £- | $-
Languages: French, English
Experience a full day of in-person personalised coaching designed to ignite your personal and professional growth. This VIP Immersive Day is your opportunity to gain fresh insights, develop practical strategies, and supercharge your journey towards higher well-being and performance.
The VIP Immersive Day is made for one individual but can accommodate business partners or small groups on demand.
Who's It For:
Ideal for professionals seeking profound transformation and personalised guidance. Whether you're looking to enhance your career, gain clarity about your life, or improve various aspects of your well-being, this VIP Immersive Day is tailored for you.

Deep Tailored Coaching
Dive deep into topics that matter most to you, such as understanding your strengths, gaining new perspectives, clarifying your values, setting meaningful goals, tackling challenges, enhancing communication and influence, or refining leadership skills.

Luxurious Setting
Enjoy your VIP Immersive Day at the exquisite Canop*sea near Monaco, the stunning sea view, lush garden, infinity pool, and sauna. The price includes all meals and one night of on-site accommodation in a double-bed studio. Transport is not included. Location can be arranged differently upon discussion.

Comprehensive Follow-up
Your VIP Immersive Day package also includes three 1-hour 1:1 online sessions: one preparatory session,  one about two weeks after the event, and the other six weeks after. These follow-up sessions ensure your continued progress and success.

Why This Session:
The VIP Immersive Day is subject to preliminary application to make sure this product is right for you:
Name, Tel, Email, LinkedIn profile
3 line bio
I’m aspiring to (change career path completly, launch a new business in the same field, progress in my company, progress in my industry, move on developing passive income, not sure,  other)
Status (professional, team manager, executive, solopreneur, entrepreneur with employees, other)
2 lines on your business
Target market
Your offer
Marketing strategy
Revenue range in last 12 months
Revenue target for next 12 months
Up to 3 main challenges for next 12 months (find new clients, increase my revenues, define/improve/diversify my offer, hire, improve business structure for peace of mind, improve marketing & communication, prioritise between projects, improve work-life balance, reset my vision, goals & build motivation)
Your main challenge with your own words
Why the VIP Immersive Day is tempting you?
What’s your timeframe to set this day?
Where do you want the VIP Immersive Day to take place? Canopsea/Monaco, Paris, London, somewhere else
Steps to Complete:
Book the Session
The "Buy" button leads to the payment page. From there, you can use the calendar to schedule a convenient time slot online.
Pre-Session Preparation
Prepare for a transformation! We will send you a reflective questionnaire to help guide our session.
Life Visioning Session
Let's explore and celebrate your individuality. Together, we'll co-create a vivid life vision - clarifying personal objectives, actions, and timelines. Your real-time input becomes the guiding force shaping this uniquely vibrant vision.
Post-Session Follow-Up
You're not alone post-session. Expect a follow-up in writing for accountability and strategy fine-tuning one month and three months down the transformative road. Your success is our journey.
Location: Online or On-Site
Duration: 3-Hour
Number of participants: 5-20 Participants
Pricing: €600 | £- | $-
Languages: French, English
Katie | Partner | ESG | UK
Embarking on a transformative journey with Raphaelle has been incredibly rewarding. She not only encouraged me to appreciate good habits supporting my well-being but also played a pivotal role in shaping a strategic vision for my business and navigating its challenges. Raphaelle's infectious enthusiasm, knowledge, and unwavering support were constructively persuasive throughout the process.
Tech Startup | UK
The Strategic Life Visioning Session was a breakthrough for me! Raphaelle helped me craft a clear path for my personal and professional life in just 2.5 hours. Her approach to balancing ambition with personal well-being is exactly what I needed to push my startup to the next level without burning out. A real game-changer for any entrepreneur!
Marketing Director | Spain
I can't recommend Raphaelle's Strategic Life Visioning Session enough! It helped me define a holistic career plan and gave me the tools to implement it effectively. Her tailored advice has made a significant impact on how I manage both my team and my personal aspirations. Every driven professional should have this experience.
Financial Analyst | UK
Raphaelle's session transformed how I view work-life harmony. The Strategic Vision Blueprint not only clarified my career goals but also aligned them with my personal values. Now, I feel more equipped to achieve my professional objectives while ensuring my well-being. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck or in need of strategic guidance.
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