Sustainable Performance deconstructed in 8 modules!

We have deconstructed what it takes to perform at your very best into 8 key components of people’s performance, from knowing your worth, setting your vision, managing your time, your emotions, your mindset and your habits, to taking care of yourself & your relationships.

The courses are made to give you simple but concrete & efficient tools to increase your performance at work, and in life, in other words, to show up at your best regularly over time. 

The courses are for you if you aspire to a fulfilling professional & personal life but aren’t quite there yet, you have high ambition for yourself (personally or professionally) but may still struggle clarifying where to start or are missing the tools to transform these goals into concrete actions & change

Free weekly Q&A sessions 👍

Each week we cover one of the key elements of sustainable performance.

The calls are free & limited in number so everyone has a chance to talk & make progress towards their goals (aka get more things done) whether it’s unlocking their performance at work, saving time for family, or anything else that matters to you.

It’s also an opportunity to help other participants or get inspired by them 😉

Weekly live Q&A sessions onTuesdays 12pm, and Wednesdays 5pm, UK time.

The LinkedIn Group

In this group we share content & discuss around what it takes to stay fully engaged and resourceful.  

Anyone interested is welcome to join!


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