Finding Out Your Values And Strengths

Dec 3, 2021 | Values, Values and Strengths

How well do you know yourself? With regard to your identity, values and strengths? Perhaps you’ve never given it much thought before.

But did you know that people who know and use their strengths say they experience a much better quality of life. They feel able to make better decisions and have less inner conflict, leading to more happiness in their lives. So finding out your values and strengths can help you achieve a higher quality of life.

Knowing Yourself

So how do you do this?

You start by getting to know yourself. You are unique, different to everyone else. No two people have the same journey, success or failures in their lives. So you need to take an inward look at your own uniqueness.

For example, what is your outlook on life? What makes you happy or sad? What do you enjoy doing, from work to hobbies? Is there something in particular that you know you are good at or thrive at? Maybe your personality means you don’t feel comfortable praising yourself or looking at the good things you’ve done. So you could ask a friend too.

Write down your thoughts and then compare this with a friend or family member. If there are points you agree on, you’re heading in the right direction.

What Is Your Identity?

Your identity is who you are and being strong in your identity will help with your outlook in life. Simply put, identity covers all the things that matter to your the most.

So it could be being a good parent for example. Or being a trustworthy friend. Perhaps it comes from your culture or background. Maybe keeping fit and healthy is extremely important to you. Or being a volunteer.

Identity is complementary to your values. If you value being on time and prepared for an event or occasion, then this is important to you. Other people may not even consider this. Perhaps you value a peaceful walk and the chance for time by yourself. Whereas others value the buzz of social networking.

What Are Your Strengths?

Knowing your strengths can help further to define who you are and to know yourself. What motivates you in the morning? What strategies do you use?

Your strengths make you different to other people.

Perhaps you jump out of bed in the morning and go for a run. That’s a strength that others don’t have. It makes you ready to take on the day and means you value your health and wellbeing.

Are you happy meeting new people and talking to them? That’s a strength that makes others feel fearful.

Do you have a natural talent for arts and crafts, music or simply making others feel welcome?

Look At Your Weaknesses

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s fairly straightforward to identify both. It’s not bad to have weaknesses, identifying them means you can reduce the amount of energy you put into that particular element.

For example, if you don’t enjoy the administration side of your role, is there someone else who can help you? Or could you use a strength such as creativity to make it easier?

What projects and tasks seem to drain your energy in particular? Maybe you don’t like cleaning, or organisation, but you’re great at storytelling or networking.

By identifying both your strengths and weaknesses, you can build on the things you enjoy doing and spend more time on them. Whilst reducing the time spent on things you don’t enjoy.

How To Do A Personality Test

There are lots of different personality tests you could take online which ask questions in an assessment. The outcome may help you to determine if you are an extrovert or introvert.

Whether you are a rule breaker or a peacemaker. If you enjoy talking to lots of people or prefer to work alone.

Most official personality tests cost money. However, there is a personality test module as part of the ‘Identity, Values and Strengths’ course with Strengthwise.

What Is Strengthwise?

Strengthwise is an organisation which offers courses in sustainable performance.

Similar to life coaching, sustainable performance is about building up your energy and your resources over time to improve your quality of life.

It helps you to make progress towards you goals to attain a stronger sense of achievement and contentment.
If you are feeling burnt out, missing out on quality family time or you’re feeling out of touch with your values, then sustainable performance can help.

By taking part in the courses, you can learn how to make space for what matters to you and find out what’s really important in your life.

Benefits Of Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself can bring a lot of benefits. You may find yourself worrying about what others think about you. However, knowing yourself and your values and strengths can really help you here. It can make you strong to see that you are unique, that you matter and your characteristics and strengths make you who you are. This helps you to become more independent from what others think of you.

Additionally, knowing your values can help you to become more self confident. By understanding what is important to you and what you value in life can make you stand up for that.

Furthermore, it helps you to gain clear direction with the decision making process. For example, knowing your values and what you stand for helps to align your head and your heart. Hence the decision is clearer. It doesn’t just depend on what mood you are in at the time.

Conclusion: Finding Out Your Values and Strengths

In summary, by finding out your values and strengths, you can get to know yourself better and feel more confident in your decisions.

Knowing yourself and your identity can give you strength, resilience and perseverance to achieve your goals. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Think about what you enjoy doing, what makes you happy and what matters to you the most.

This will lead you to realising what you value in this world, and how you can bring more of these things into your life.

Finally, if you would like to find out more about your identity, values and strengths, then join an online course with Strengthwise. Get in touch at for more information.

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